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International Commerce And Trade Transmission, iCAT Transmission, is a new entrant in Consulting-Sourcing-Training; established by a group of experienced professionals with more than 50
years of cumulative work skills and knowledge. The team has a variety of on the job experience exposure ranging in the local as well as international market.

valueOur Values

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visionMission & Vision 

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qualityQuality Policy

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Advisory Sourcing Training


We STUDY, PLAN, PROPOSE business transformation strategies and help implementing the same through customers’ own people.

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Sourcing was never so easy as iCAT Transmission has made it. We manage sourcing and supplying Software, materials, equipment,

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iCAT Transmission team has a proven track record of providing professional quality training covering all aspects of Business,

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iCAT Transmission believes that collaboration is the key essence of success. We play a pivotal role in providing a well-coordinated environment for all our customers, partners and organizations whose products are being represented by us.
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An emerging business partnership to impart trainings through foreign consultants entitled as SMART trainings. Training domains include HR Development, Sales and marketing, Techincal and Vocational Trainings. 
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Interested candidate can apply for full/part time job for their career development because iCAT Transmission is an equal opportunity employer and believes only in merit. Working at iCAT Transmission is always joyful for people who want to make their  career
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