About US

International Commerce And Trade Transmission, iCAT Transmission, is a new entrant in ConsultingSourcingTraining; established by a group of experienced professionals with more than 50 years of work skills and knowledge. The team has a variety of on the job experience exposure ranging in the local as well as international market.

The company was established with the commitment of:

  1. The collaboration in knowledge in advance techniques of management
  2. Provision of professional services and advice to the industries/organizations to make them prepared for the regional and global markets.
  3. Promotion of technology and its assimilation
  4. Improving the bottom line in the organization by effective spend management

iCAT Transmission, is young and fast growing engineering enterprise that specializes in providing state-of-the-art quality services at very competitive prices to a broad range of clients, covering the whole spectrum of an organization through advanced techniques. iCAT is capable and well equipped to provide Product Development, manufacturing, business Solutions, capacity building proposals and plans, advance training in line with industry demand.

iCAT Transmission is your business companion working for you at all times.

We Study, Plan, Propose and Implement

iCAT Transmission gets you prepared for the new business/manufacturing challenges and helps you out for the required change.

iCAT Transmission provides the desired objects and the related technology at your door step including raw materials, machinery, equipment, software and other general items. Our principles are renowned globally and market leaders enjoying good market repute. Our belief is that the essence of the success is collaboration and not competition.

We have the repute to provide lucid short and long term benefits to the organizations we work with by scaling up their competencies and expertise. Our work is always focused on finding innovative solutions to the problems and maximizes the use of all available resources (method, theory and practices) to be efficient and effective thereby influencing our achievements at a global scale. We collaborate with all concerned partners to find realistic and accurate outcomes of our objectives. We are reliable and trustworthy and promote a progressive culture

iCAT Transmission, consists of an experienced team of professionals, working with one goal:

“Help customers enable them to resolve the business challenges, to make them ready to be well placed in global market and get their products to market quickly by reducing development and/or production time and hence cost”

Customer support cycle

Quality Policy

Icat Transmission will continue to strive for excellence in the fields of industrial/business solutions and Traiings by ensuring quality customer service at competitive price and on time delivering

Our Values


All efforts for Harmony and true understanding among all members and for our clients


We maintain a professional and honorable environment and expect same from all members


Systems and procedures are clear and defined and accessible to competent authority


We provide Equal Opportunity for all members/staff of the company to prove their worth and same is reflected in their appraisals. No discrimination; criteria of selection and promotion is solely based on worth


We are committed to provide services to our customers to their entire satisfaction as per already laid down contract.