Training Systems

We provide training for vocational institutes and educational organizations.

Educational / Training Institutes:

iCAT Transmission has a unique experience of both industries and Education / vocational training institutes. This makes it capable of just not only giving pragmatic solutions for both islands but also can provide support in establishing Industry-Institute Linkages.

We can provide consulting services for an Educational / Vocational training Institute in following broader areas:

  1. Suggestion for trades to be launched
  2. Facilities and development Management (Infrastructure)
  3. Selection/Hiring of trainers
  4. Training of Trainers (ToT)
  5. Admission Campaign
  6. Recruitment of trainees
  7. Curriculum / Syllabus guidance
  8. Teaching Learning Resource (TLR Supervision)
  9. Institute Quality System
  10. Examination system
  11. Industry-Institute Linkages and support for the Placement of trained trainees (Help in development of liaison with Industries)
  12. Help in bringing the required technology and sourcing Equipment , Machinery and software

iCAT Transmission is right there to provide you all required expertise for the capacity building of the institute.